The hidden gay history of the Yukon, home to one of the most remote Prides


Jamie Wareham writes at Gay Star News:

Driving into Whitehorse, Canada, the only city in the Yukon, you’d be forgiven for tucking away your rainbow flag.

With the Sacred Heart church on the right and only a Tim Hortons as the biggest chain insight – I wasn’t sure if this was a trip to parade my Gay Star News tote bag about.

But don’t let The Yukon’s icy exterior fool you.

Surrounded by stunning snow-topped mountain ranges that dominate this North West Canadian territory, at first glance, Whitehorse has a ‘small-town’ impression.

But scratch beyond the surface is a warm glow. The Yukon’s community are welcoming to all people here. And it caught me off guard.

It’s a town that when the Catholic church, who historically have had an influence here, tried to lay down dated homophobic rules on its schools here recently; the community fought back against hate.

Whitehorse is ahead of cities like London, known for their metropolitan views and forward-thinking views on LGBTI rights, by recently installing both a permanent rainbow and trans pride walkway.

And with under 35,000 people living in its 482,443 km2, an area only a little smaller than the whole of Spain, for over 1000 people to attend their most recent pride festival?

This is a town that celebrates its LGBTI community.

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