Why a major Christian evangelical group and gay rights network LGBTory are both denouncing the “ideological silencing” behind changes to a federal student employment initiative


Peter Stockland writes at Convivium:

The Canadian Council of Christian Charities and the gay rights network LGBTory could not, at first blush, appear to have less in common.

The Four Cs, as the Council is known, is Canada’s largest formal association of Christian charities with more than 3000 member groups. It describes itself as “evangelical in identity, ecumenical in service.” Its tagline is “advancing ministry together.”

LGBTory is a loose affiliation of conservatively minded gays who “share a belief in the fundamental principles of individual liberty, personal responsibility, freedom of expression, reward for hard work, a free-market economy, and democratic government.” It formed in 2015 initially as a way for conservatives to march in the Toronto (and later Ottawa) Pride Parade.

Yet different as the two associations clearly are, they have independently, and in strikingly similar ways, raised alarms over what would seem at first blush to be the most innocuous federal government initiative imaginable – the Canada Summer Jobs Program.

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