Scheer going nowhere if he continues as Mr. Enigma


John Ibbitson writes at the Globe and Mail:

Mr. Scheer could not reasonably have dispatched Ms. Beyak from caucus any sooner than he did, especially given that a national party leader exercises less control over senators than MPs. But that doesn’t help him much politically. He is already struggling to reconcile his own personal opposition to abortion, and the opposition of some of his backbenchers, with his promise not to legislate on the issue.

He has received too little credit for his support of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s apology for past mistreatment of homosexuals by the federal government. He also supported a party resolution in 2016 that dropped opposition to same-sex message. But critics focus instead on the fact he has never marched in a Pride parade. Of course, if he did, he’d be called a hypocrite. Sometimes you can’t win for losing.

Accusations of intolerance, claims of homophobia, fears of the secret agenda on abortion rights were all levelled against Stephen Harper, too. “Bozo eruptions” by backbenchers played a role in his 2004 election defeat.

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