UCP Leader Jason Kenney looking to recruit LGBTQ, female candidates


Kelly Cryderman writes at the Globe and Mail:

In an interview, Mr. Kenney says he will use the holidays to “hibernate” and catch up on sleep. But with a timeline of more than a year to the next provincial election, he says he has his sights set on building constituency associations in all of Alberta’s 87 ridings, policy development and meeting Ms. Notley head to head in the legislature. In the latter half of 2018, he will dedicate efforts to attracting “talented and diverse” candidates to his party.

“In our party it doesn’t matter what God you worship or who you love, you’re more than welcome,” he said, repeating what has become a mantra. In the past, he has said he won’t legislate on any hot-button social issues, and is focused on reigniting the economy, job creation and fiscal responsibility.

On finding candidates, he said his party doesn’t believe in the “condescending approach” of quotas for women candidates. “We just need to reach out and invite strong Alberta women to get into the process.”

When asked about outreach to the gay and lesbian community, Mr. Kenney noted that a number of gay people worked on his campaigns. “I don’t accept for a second that people’s politics are determined by their sexual orientation. I think it’s insulting to suggest that people have monolithic views based on their sexual identity.”

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