What really happened at Wilfrid Laurier University


Aaron Hutchins writes at Maclean’s:

Lindsay Shepherd finds herself at the epicenter of a debate that has erupted at universities, in online chatrooms and newspaper editorials across the continent; where Laurier has been pulled into disrepute and its academics brought to the edge of paranoia. Shepherd is between two movements, one of transgender people speaking up for their rights and another of right-wing free speech protectionists fighting against political correctness on school campuses.

Shepherd, meanwhile, is a vegetarian, pro-choice, universal health-care supporting environmentalist and ardent supporter of free speech. Her critics have been called her everything from transphobic to a hero of the alt-right—two labels she rejects.

But she’s no longer fully in control of her own narrative. With minutes until it’s time to leave the restaurant for the rally, Shepherd rehearses her opening line: “I never thought we would get to a point in society where showing a clip from The Agenda with Steve Paikin in a classroom would end up as an international news story and scandal.”

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