Historians highlight major gaps in LGBTQ legislation


Monique Scotti writes at Global News:

Two weeks after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered a tearful apology in the House of Commons to members of Canada’s LGBTQ community, a group of academics is raising red flags about legislation that was tabled that same day.

Bill C-66 sets out to right decades of historical legal wrongs, paving the way for thousands of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Canadians to have their criminal convictions for gross indecency, buggery and anal intercourse erased from the public record.

Their concerns come down to issues involving both clarity and scope.

For starters, the academics argue, Bill C-66 doesn’t say anything about the thousands of LGBTQ Canadians convicted of offences like vagrancy, indecent acts, obscenity and crimes linked to bawdy houses.

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