Pride Toronto lands in the red, cop ban likely to blame


Sue-Ann Levy writes at the Toronto Sun:

I sure hope Pride‘s organizers are proud of themselves.

The organization’s 2017 audited financial statements — on the agenda of Wednesday’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) — show Pride Toronto likely took a major financial hit this year over the controversial decision to ban cops from marching in the June 25 parade.

The statements show the organization lost a whopping $1.3 million and was forced to eat up all of its $848,124 surplus — accumulated over the past several years — to bring the deficit down to a still problematic $458,209.

A review of Pride’s financial statements for the past seven years shows that the only time it came even close to running such a deficit was in 2010 — during yet another controversy over the existence of Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (QuAIA) in the parade. That year they lost $431,808 and used their rainy day funds to bring the deficit down to $109,409.

The decision to ban uniformed police this year came at Pride’s last AGM in mid-January when a group of self-described “white butch dykes” insisted on meeting the demands of Black Lives Matter-Toronto (BLM) to support the cop ban.


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