Transgender refugee defies critics by inviting military recruiters to Toronto trans job fair


Chris Glover writes at CBC News Toronto:

A transgender Kenyan refugee is defiant in the face of accusations she’s being racist and “inherently violent,” for inviting the Canadian Armed Forces to a job fair aimed at helping transgender people find work.

“I am a trans woman of colour. I moved here with nothing,” said Biko Beauttah in defence of her decision. “I have all these systemic problems.”

Transroots Toronto, a group that says it consists of trans people of colour, call Beauttah’s job fair an “affront” to the trans community and sent Beauttah an email calling on her to change or cancel her event.

“Given the ongoing history of military and police violence against trans people … having military or police present at an event specifically for trans people of colour is an inherently violent act,” Transroots founder Abuzar Chaudhary said in the email.

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