Canada’s first trans mayor elected in village west of Montréal


Verity Stevenson writes at CBC News:

Lemieux, 45, isn’t only the first known trans person to be elected in Canada, she is the first woman to be elected in her municipality, founded in 1880.

“It’s really a place and a village that is bold and innovative,” she said. “We’re writing history and I have a lot to offer.”

Lemieux, who won 48 per cent of the Très-Saint-Redempteur vote in the Nov. 5 province-wide municipal elections, told Radio-Canada earlier that she believes the villagers chose her “to incarnate change.”

“People needed renewal in the village,” she said. “It shows something we don’t necessarily see in the media: in the villages, too, there is acceptance and social openness,” said Lemieux..

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