Unique voices unwelcome at Pride Toronto


Sue-Ann Levy writes at the Toronto Sun:

TORONTO — On its website, Pride Toronto claims the group’s mission is to “bring people together” to celebrate the diversity of the LGBT community.

Under values, the heavily publicly-funded organization contends it strives to be inclusive, accessible to everyone and “celebrate the uniqueness of all voices.”

Not so fast Olivia Nuamah, executive director of Pride.

It seems that under Nuamah and the board — the same cabal that banned the police from this year’s parade — only those who sing from the same song sheet are welcomed into what is becoming a narrower and narrower tent.

Just weeks before Pride’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), two Toronto gay men — who signed up as members in January — have suddenly been informed they are no longer welcome to be members, which precludes them from voting at the upcoming AGM.

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