This gay Honduran man only has hours to convince the Canadian government to not deport him


Arshy Mann reports at Daily Xtra:

Josué Martín Elvir Zamora thinks he’s a dead man walking.

The 26-year-old Honduran citizen has been living in Canada since December 2013, when he applied for refugee status.

But in a few hours, the Canadian government plans to deport him back to Honduras. His flight is booked for 3pm EST on Nov 7, 2017.

“If I go back home, it’s suicide, because I know what will happen if I go back,” he tells Xtra, as tears well up in his eyes. “That’s why I’m so nervous now. I’m out of this world.”

Elvir Zamora says he’s a gay man, but the Canadian government doesn’t believe him.

Now he’s begging the federal government, and Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale in particular, for a reprieve from deportation so that he can have the chance to prove that he’s not a liar.

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