Raped and tortured in a Dubai prison: Former managing director of Leeds United FC reveals the hell he endured after being jailed and outed as gay by authorities in UAE


Anthony Harwood writes at the Mail OnLine:

Scotland Yard are investigating claims by an ex-football boss that he was raped and tortured in a United Arab Emirates jail after the authorities outed him as gay.

David Haigh, former Managing Director of Leeds United, spent 22 months in prison in Dubai after being accused of falsifying invoices and unlawfully channelling funds to a secret bank account.

The 40-year-old claims he was tricked into flying out to the Middle East to meet with officials from Gulf Finance House, from whom he had been trying to buy the football club. But the deal fell through and he claims he was arrested on the trumped-up charges in March 2014.

Mr Haigh said that during 22 months he spent in jail he was repeatedly tortured and abused, undergoing five ‘serious episodes’ of physical abuse as well as witnessing the torture of other inmates.

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