Manitoba NDP shows new level of hypocrisy by choosing Wab Kinew as leader

RUTH BONNEVILLE / WINNIPEG FREE PRESS Portraits of NDP Leader Wab Kinew being interviewed by FP in his new Official Opposition office at the Legislature. See Larry Kusch story SEPT 18, 2017

Kelly Saunders writes at the Brandon Sun:

The Manitoba NDP has taken hypocrisy to a whole new level by choosing Wab Kinew as its new leader.

What is so disappointing is the extent to which Kinew’s supporters in the NDP seem willing to park their principles at the door in their rush to make excuses for him.

To say that Kinew has a troubled history is putting it mildly. Here we have an individual whose past actions include convictions for drunk driving and assault, theft charges, as well as a pattern of hurtful, misogynistic and homophobic outbursts on social media, the latest of which occurred five years ago when Kinew was 30 and old enough to know better.

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