First gay College Republican president takes a stand for other LGBTQ conservatives


Albert Zhao writes at the Daily Texan:

It was an unlikely journey becoming UT’s first openly gay College Republican president for chemistry senior Alec Lucas.

Growing up in the conservative town of Flower Mound, Lucas identified as Republican but struggled to reconcile his sexuality with his politics.

“You grow up feeling who you are is wrong,” Lucas said. “I was in denial for years, really up until college. I was really scared of being bullied or being harassed.”

Last week, Lucas hit a turning point and officially came out during a general meeting with College Republicans. Lucas said he wanted his visibility to encourage other gay conservatives to fully express their identities — and not feel inhibited by them.

“If there is anyone who’s in the organization who feels like they’re not welcomed for also being LGBT, or if they’re considering coming out but they’re not sure how their peers would react, they could see me,” Lucas said. “It’s not an issue. We’re not any different.”

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