The Right Stuff: An Interview with Log Cabin’s Gregory T. Angelo


John Riley writes at Metro Weekly:

“If I hear one more time that LGBT Republicans are like Jews for Hitler or blacks for the KKK, my head will explode,” says Gregory T. Angelo. “Trolls think they’re being clever and they’re really not. I’d appreciate trolls much more if they likened Log Cabin Republicans to White Whales for Ahab.”

As president of Log Cabin Republicans, the nation’s largest organization of LGBTQ Republicans, Angelo has had to develop a thick skin. Facing nearly daily criticism — from Democrats, Republicans, and the media — he has to stand by decisions he feels are in the best interests of Log Cabin’s long-term viability.

“It takes a unique type to willfully take on the responsibility of being the national point person for LGBT Republicans and allies around the United States, because you’re always taking heat from Democrats — and LGBT Democrats, especially,” he says. “Frequently, you’re taking heat from members of your own party or you’re in a position where you have to stand up to members of your own party. That creates a climate where anything and everything I do is necessarily criticized, by either the right or the left. Every time.”

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