The LGBT military community deserves a better advocate than Chelsea Manning


Amanda Kerri writes at the Advocate:

I know that as a transgender person I’m supposed to support my fellow community members; I know that we’re supposed to stand in solidarity together, but I’m sorry, so, so sorry, but she was always completely unqualified to serve in that role.

The majority of Manning’s military career was spent in a prison cell. While, yes, during the entirety of her trial and prison sentence she was technically a soldier in the U.S. Army, the experiences of a prison are worlds apart from those of an average service member in any branch of the military. It would be easy to make this about her whistleblowing and the moral and legal justifications for it. Many have written about how they feel about her hero status, and more have written hateful screeds about her gender identity. The only thing that would be even remotely relevant would be her whistleblowing, and I do have opinions on that, which I have long kept to myself because, yes, they do not fit with the mainstream views of her actions.

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