Jason Kenney’s political rivals criticize his silence on social issues


Jeff McIntosh writes at the Globe and Mail:

Jason Kenney says he’s not releasing a policy platform before a consultation with the “grassroots.” Even as the former federal cabinet minister runs for the leadership of Alberta’s newly formed United Conservative Party, he says setting out firm policies before winning the contest, and speaking with members, would represent a top-down leadership style.

But politics abhors a vacuum. The space on politically charged social issues that Mr. Kenney has left near-empty is being exploited by his political opponents on Alberta’s left, and now a fellow leadership candidate.

Mr. Kenney, whose early public life was steeped in the politics of social conservatism, has focused his campaign around the financial missteps and deficit budgets of Alberta’s NDP government. But NDP, Liberal and other Alberta critics – including fellow UCP leadership candidate Doug Schweitzer, a former Progressive Conservative organizer – are trying to keep Mr. Kenney’s past comments and his current dearth of firm social policies in focus.

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