How more Ontarians could gain access to a ‘99.9%’ effective HIV-prevention drug


Taylor Simmons writes at CBC News:

A generic version of an effective HIV-prevention drug has come on the market in the past week, but experts say the medication is still far too expensive for many people who need it, and they’re hoping other generic versions being released in the coming weeks will be sold at a much lower price.

The original drug is sold by pharmaceutical giant Gilead under the brand name Truvada. It costs $1,000 a month and is not covered by the province for prevention purposes, although it is included in some insurance plans.

The once-daily pill is called pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP, and it can dramatically reduce the risk of contracting HIV as well as treat those who already have the virus. Health Canada has approved the sale of generic versions of the drug, which are first tested to confirm they are high grade and effective.

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