Conservative politicians welcome to watch parade, but can’t march: Calgary Pride


Lauren Krugel writes at National Newswatch:

CALGARY — A leader in Calgary’s LGBTQ community says politicians from Alberta’s new conservative party are welcome to watch next weekend’s Pride parade, but must do more than voice support to formally participate.

The interim board of the United Conservative Party passed a resolution this week affirming support for LGBTQ rights and promising to promote and embrace the community in the party.

“It’s a great first step to see them put something like that out there,” Calgary Pride president Jason Kingsley said following the official raising of the Pride flag outside the government’s office in downtown Calgary on Friday.

“However, we still look forward to continuing the conversation over the next year to see how that’s going to be reflected in their platform and their policy going forward.”

Christine Way, director of issues management for the United Conservatives, said party members, including interim leader Nathan Cooper, plan to attend the Sept. 3 parade as spectators.

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