Is There A “Gay Personality”?


Alex Chaconas writes at Medium:

Now, of course, there are some commonalities that all gay men might share and that are too important to ignore in the current day and age: coming out, being oppressed by an invasive state, dealing with femme/homophobia, etc…And while I do see the value in sharing, with each other, our experiences and insights from these particular gay-centric issues, I cannot sympathize with gay men that shame us for not desiring to share similar opinions or values on other issues. Being gay should not, and cannot, limit you to a certain set of beliefs, values, or behaviors, because then we are either blindly conforming to society’s stereotypes––often expressed in entertainment and media––or restricting the potential of diversity in our community. And do not think shaming more masculine or non-stereotypical gay men comes without consequences.

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