Cake wars & the coming conflict over religious liberty


Nathaniel Blake at The Federalist reviews a new book, Debating Religious Liberty & Discrimination:

A recent Rolling Stone profile of Tim Gill, who spends vast sums bankrolling LGBT activism, says this about the movement’s plans: “We’re going to punish the wicked.” So much for “Love Wins.” Now it’s time to punish. That’s the voice of an inquisitor, a heretic-hunter. And that is what the LGBT movement and its allies are becoming.

Too many American Christians are ignorant of this. They don’t know that their brothers and sisters in Christ are being persecuted—losing their jobs, businesses, assets, and perhaps their liberty. Too many in other religious communities do not recognize that an attack on the religious freedom of one is an attack on all; conservative Catholics and evangelicals are the first targets, but we won’t be the last.

Finally, too many who support same-sex marriage do not notice the persecution that has begun in their name. It is possible to support same-sex marriage without seeking to punish non-conformists or erode religious liberty. Millions of same-sex marriage supporters would likely be horrified if they looked at the details of how anti-discrimination law is being perverted into a weapon of religious persecution. Despite disagreements, they don’t want their conservative friends and family to be destroyed for sincere religious beliefs that materially harm no one.

For them, I have simple questions: Will you tolerate us and stand up for our liberties? And if not, how far are you willing to go to try to force us to recant?

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