Sexual violence against the Yezidis is part of ISIS genocide campaign


From The Conversation:

Among the many atrocities Islamic State (IS) has committed, their violence against the Yezidis, a small religious minority in Iraq and Syria, can be classed as genocide. They have subjected the Yezidis to killing, serious bodily or mental harm, and the infliction of conditions calculated to bring about their physical destruction.

Our research examined the evidence for genocide, which included reports of the horrific acts of gender violence carried out against the Yezidis. In its online propaganda magazine Dabiq, IS detailed its “religious justification” for a policy of rape, sexual violence and slavery. IS specifically singled out Yezidi females for persecution and differentiated them from other religions. Whereas Muslims, Christians and Jews are considered to be “people of the book”, the Yezidis are considered pagans and labelled as “devil worshippers”.

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