New LGBTory website goes live


The next step in building the LGBT Conservative community

Toronto, July 4, 2017 – LGBTory is proud to announce that its thoroughly remodeled website,, has gone live.

Since its founding in 2015, LGBTory has grown far beyond our initial focus on Toronto Pride, and we are receiving a growing number of requests from gay conservatives across the country asking how they can be involved with the movement to build a strong and vibrant national gay conservative community.  The new LGBTory website is intended to meet this demand.

“LGBTory has been unbelievably successful in its first two years,” said Benjamin Dichter, LGBTory Chairman & Co-founder.  “We’ve raised the profile of gay conservatives, had policy wins like the Conservative Party of Canada’s marriage policy change last year, and begun the process of building strong relations within the party, at all levels, and across the country.  The new website will give added impact to what we are able to achieve.”

Placing an emphasis on the interactive and encouraging the exchange of information, discussion, and debate, will offer news and opinion of interest to LGBT conservatives at both the local and national/international level.

The site will feature news, satire, blogs, and commentary, and will cover, among other things, politics, popular media and culture.  It will aim to develop a highly active community of commentators, while becoming a type of “advocacy newspaper” that supports the conservative philosophy.  We intend it to eventually become one of the most popular political websites in the country.

LGBTory has a remarkable list of accomplishments over the past two years, and we are excited about the opportunities ahead to enhance our mission to be a bridge between Conservative political parties and the LGBT community. We welcome conservatives everywhere to be a part of our movement.

For more information contact Rick Hall, Vice President, LGBTory, 416/464-7307, [email protected]

Founded in 2015, LGBTory is a network of LGBT Canadians from all walks of life and diverse identities, but who share a belief in the fundamental principles of individual liberty, personal responsibility, freedom of expression, reward for hard work, a free-market economy, and democratic government. We aim to be a bridge between the LGBT community and Conservative political parties in Canada, and to provide a forum for sharing ideas, advancing the conservative philosophy, and defending the democratic rights of all minorities.


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