Thank you to Michelle Rempel & the Conservative Party of Canada for protecting the Yazidi people


On October 25 2016 the House of Commons unanimously passed a motion sponsored by Conservative Immigration Critic Michelle Rempel (Calgary-Nose Hill) acknowledging that genocide is being committed against the Yazidi people of ISIS-occupied Iraq and committing Canada to providing immediate safe haven for Yazidi refugees, specifically women and girls who have been kept by ISIS as sex slaves and subjected to unspeakable sexual violence (CBC). LGBTory applauds members of the House for approving this motion and thanks Ms Rempel and members of the Conservative caucus for pressuring the government to take action.

The Yazidi are an ancient religious minority in the Middle East (mainly in Northern Iraq) numbering approximately 400 000 people. Since 2014 they have been subjected to a brutal campaign of extermination by ISIS terrorists, while Yazidi women are being held in captivity and used as sex slaves. The Liberal government of Justin Trudeau has been reluctant to acknowledge the genocide against the Yazidi people or to take immediate action to bring vulnerable Yazidi women to Canada, deferring to the United Nations rather than taking unilateral action to alleviate the suffering (National Post).

The government’s delays in acting on this file were unconscionable. We would like to acknowledge the role Ms Rempel played in forcing the government’s hand on this issue, and thank her Conservative colleagues for making sure the issue was not delayed any further in Parliament. The unanimous nature of the House of Commons vote shows that some issues, specifically the targeting of vulnerable minorities, rise above partisan politics.

Ms Rempel and the Conservative Party of Canada deserve credit and thanks for what they have done for the Yazidi people.

LGBTory Canada


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