Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate Andrew Scheer on same-sex marriage


MP Andrew Scheer (Regina-Qu’Appelle) recently entered the race for leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. On September 28 he was interviewed by the CBC’s Rosemary Barton on the show Power & Politics (see video).

11 seconds into the Rosemary Barton asks him point-blank if he supports marriage equality in 2016. Andrew Scheer says very softly (that it’s barely audible) “I don’t.” Published under the Fair Dealing Exception as a public service.

During the program he was asked about his support for same-sex marriage. Here is a transcript of his comments:

Barton: Would you promote and defend the equality of marriage?

Scheer: It’s the law of the land. It’s not something that, I don’t think you’d find any legitimate Conservative leadership aspirant who would revisit that issue.

Barton: But do you, yourself, believe it?

Scheer: I, it’s, look, I don’t – it’s absolutely – our  party dealt with this issue in Vancouver and, you know, there was a specific policy plank in our platform, and I think members decided, a lot of social conservatives who, you know, have differing views on that decided, look, if it’s not something that’s ever going to be changed, it’s been this way for ten years – I have my own personal beliefs and, you know, my own faith background, but at this point in time with the Conservative Party of Canada trying to build a national viable coalition, it’s not something that …

Barton: But that sounds like, you’re just going to, you’re going to live with it. You’re going to live with the fact that gay people can get married; it’s not, but it’s not something you believe in.

Scheer: Look, it doesn’t matter, like if people have personal views on things, there’s a lot of things that divide us as Conservatives and there’s a lot of things that unite us. This is one of those issues that – it’s a – it happened in 2005, you know I was a Member of Parliament at the time, I voted my conscience, I voted for my constituents’ wishes, it’s not something that, you know, you say “live with it”, it’s not something that I’m looking to revisit or to re-open or to, I don’t – I think the party has other things that we want to talk about and connect with Canadians and deliver for the future.


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