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We are now less than two weeks from the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) National Convention in Vancouver. We’d like to let you know what we’ve been up to lately, and bring you up-to-date on our plans for the convention.

LGBTory Pub Night featuring MP Michelle Rempel
On April 20 we held a very successful pub night in Toronto at the 521 Café and Bar on Danforth Avenue in Toronto. We were pleased to have as our guest speaker Michelle Rempel, MP for Calgary-Nose Hill. Michelle is one of the most influential MPs in the CPC caucus, and she spoke about tolerance and diversity in politics. She enthusiastically supports the marriage equality proposal for which we have been lobbying intensively. We thank Michelle for travelling to Toronto to speak to us.LGBTory at the Vancouver Convention
A group of LGBTory members will be travelling as delegates to Vancouver for the May 26-28 CPC National Convention. This will be the culmination of a months-long effort, along with our allies in Alberta, to pass a resolution changing the CPC’s marriage policy. As it currently stands, the CPC Policy Declaration states that “We support legislation defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.”

We introduced a proposal to remove this language from the Declaration so that the CPC can take a neutral stance on same-sex marriage. The proposal was passed at regional policy meetings in Toronto and Quebec over the winter, and our Alberta friends passed it at the Alberta Congress policy meeting. The proposal then went to the CPC’s National Policy Committee where it was approved last week to go to a vote at the convention.

Currently our efforts are focused on coordinating sympathetic delegates to the convention to make sure that we have the votes to pass the resolution through the multi-stage approval process. If you are a delegate and want to support this, please contact Eric Lorenzen at [email protected]. If you know delegates who will help, please spread the word and encourage them to contact us.

For more information on our proposal, visit Countdown to Vancouver . Our lobbying efforts and promotional materials for the convention are running up a considerable bill – please consider a donation to help us with this important initiative. You can donate here.

For a complete list of the policy proposals being voted on in Vancouver, visit Vancouver policy resolutions . Our proposal is 2-08-422; we urge delegates to vote yes on this proposal.

We’ll be tweeting from the convention; keep up with what’s going on in Vancouver at @LGBToryCanada

LGBTory supports federal government legislation on trans rights
This month the Government of Canada plans to introduce a bill to add gender identity and gender expression to the Canadian Human Rights Code and the Criminal Code of Canada as a prohibited ground of discrimination. LGBTory Canada supports this bill and urges parliamentarians of all parties, including the Conservative Party of Canada, to pass it. Read our full statement here.

In the news
Our same-sex marriage initiative has been generating some attention by the national media. Read coverage by Stephanie Levitz of the Canadian Press here, and by Dylan Robertson of Xtra here.

We recently appeared on Danielle Smith’s talk show on Calgary’s News Talk 770 to discuss our convention proposal. You can listen to it here.

We were also pleased to be a guest on the Charles Adler Show on Sirius XM to talk about Conservative marriage policy. You can listen to that interview here.

LGBTory endorses candidates for CPC National Council
We have been talking to candidates who are running for positions on the CPC National Council, sounding them out on issues of interest to the LGBT community and on their support for our marriage equality resolution. Based on those discussions, we are able to endorse the following candidates who support LGBT rights and will work towards a tolerant, diverse party committed to equality:

  • Ontario (4 positions to be filled): Ghina Al-Sewaidi, Cheryl Bannier, Joe Preston, Matthijs Van Gaalen
  • BC (2 positions to be filled): Don Nightingale, Wai Young
  • Quebec (3 positions to be filled): Louis-Charles Fortier

Positions in the other provinces and territories have been filled by acclamation.

The election for the new National Council will take place at the Vancouver Convention.

Vancouver Pub Night
We are kicking off the Vancouver convention with a party for our members, friends and supporters on Thursday May 26 at Mahony & Sons Burrard Landing Pub, right in the Convention Centre. Details are on our Facebook page here. If you’re going to be in Vancouver please stop in and meet us.

Toronto Pride Festival, July 1-3
We’ll be appearing again this year at Toronto Pride, reprising our successful inaugural appearance in 2015. We’ve got lots planned this year, including a booth at the weekend Pride Festival and a march in the parade on Sunday July 3. We’re planning on having some VIP politicians marching as our guests again this year.

Come down to visit us, and plan to march behind our banner in the Parade. Hang out at our booth and meet some real live gay conservatives. PM Trudeau has announced that he’ll be the first Prime Minister to march in a Pride parade; let’s make sure that we support Conservative MPs who are coming to support us and send a message that the Liberals don’t have a monopoly on openness and tolerance.

Making an appearance at Toronto Pride isn’t cheap – tent rentals, promotional materials and permits add up to a bill of several thousand dollars. All of our activities are funded by donations from private individuals and by sponsorships from supporting businesses. Please consider donating to help us with these important activities; you can make a contribution here or send a cheque payable to LGBTory Canada to:

10 Sherbourne St N
Toronto, ON
M4W 2T2

Mark the date now; we’ll be sending more information in June about how you can get involved.

Donor appreciation
LGBTory Canada is kept afloat completely by contributions from supporters. We would like to thank the following businesses, organizations and individuals for their generous support:

Geoff Pollock & Associates Barristers & Solicitors, Toronto

Conservative Party of Canada Electoral District Associations

Mississauga South

Jacqueline Adler
Michel Cousineau
Roy Eappen
Steven Kaszab
D’Jesse Larsen
Christine Lemay
Fred Litwin
Cynthia Paul-Girdwood
Regan Seidler
Michael Wilson

We couldn’t continue our important activities without the financial support of donors. You can help us by contributing here. If your business would like to sponsor us and have your firm’s name appear on our promotional material, please email us at [email protected]


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