Home Canada “I think we must say yes to gay marriage” – Maxime Bernier

“I think we must say yes to gay marriage” – Maxime Bernier


Bernier begins marathon race for Conservative leadership

May 13 | 2016 | Laura Stone | The Globe and Mail

“…Mr. Bernier, a spry 53-year-old who ran a 100-kilometre ultramarathon three years ago for charity, is the second Conservative thus far to declare for the Conservative leadership. MP Kellie Leitch has also thrown her hat into the ring. MP Michael Chong will make an announcement Monday on “the future of the Conservative Party.”

“The leadership vote itself doesn’t take place until May 27, 2017 – and the marathon runner is taking the long road.

“…Mr. Bernier says his leadership campaign will include regular speeches and policy announcements focusing on four themes: individual freedom, personal responsibility, respect and fairness. He also supports some of the socially liberal policies to be debated at the Conservative convention later this month in Vancouver. ‘I think we must say yes to gay marriage,’ he says.”

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