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LGBTory Canada is for real

TORONTO, - JUNE 28, 2015 - Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown (2nd from right) marches in the parade. Toronto Pride 2015 took over the downtown core as the annual Pride Parade wound itself through the downtown. Photographed on JUNE 28, 2015. Rick Madonik/Toronto Star

“I’m with the Conservatives on security issues, though, and I am saddened to see how Justin Trudeau and his Liberal party have brought disgrace upon Canada in the international community with the plan to withdraw our fighter jets from the coalition battle against the degenerate terrorists known as ‘ISIS.’”

Jillian Page, LGBT Perspectives editor

QUEBEC — I don’t think you can blame people for being skeptical about the motives of a group called LGBTory during last year’s federal election campaign in Canada.

And there was some question about whether LGBTory should have been allowed to participate in Ottawa’s Pride parade during a vicious election campaign that saw support for the federal Conservatives plummet and, ultimately, the election of a Liberal majority government in October.

Were they a last-gasp attempt by Stephen Harper and company to win votes from anybody? Yes, many were suspicious, even cynical.

I was one of those who felt during the campaign that the legitimacy of LGBTories could only be verified after the election. If, as Conservatives, they still urged their party to clean up its policies concerning LGBT people, then we’d know they are for real and weren’t part of a re-election conspiracy last summer.

Well, the LGBTory group is for real — I’m really happy to say that.

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