Same-sex marriage battle brewing for Conservatives: LGBTory says its equal marriage initiative is meeting some resistance

Friday | May 6 | 2016 | XTRA

A movement by LGBT Conservatives to get their federal party officially on board with same-sex marriage has met some fierce opposition just weeks ahead of a national convention.

Since January 2016, LGBTory has been pushing the federal Conservatives to drop parts of their policy book that call for a free vote on “the definition of marriage” and supporting “legislation defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.”

What started as a letter asking for the party head’s support grew into a lobbying effort of meeting with members of Parliament, pushing for motions at local riding associations and trying to get a motion voted on at the May 26 national convention.

“We’re feeling pretty confident; we’ve got a lot of support from within the party,” says Eric Lorenzen, an executive member of LGBTory.