LGBTory has been in contact with candidates running for positions on the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) National Council. Councillors will be elected by delegates to the CPC National Convention in Vancouver May 26-28. We asked the candidates to state their positions on a number of issues of importance to LGBT Conservatives, including:

  • The role of the Government of Canada in protecting vulnerable LGBT people globally and in advocating for LGBT rights overseas when dealing with foreign governments and international bodies such as the UN and the Commonwealth
  • The inclusion of gender identity and gender expression as a prohibited ground of discrimination in the Canadian Human Rights Code and as a distinguishing characteristic and an aggravating circumstance in the Criminal Code of Canada to be taken into consideration at the time of sentencing
  • Marriage equality for same-sex couples

We also asked each candidate to go on record supporting an amendment to the CPC Policy Declaration’s Section 70 removing the clause “We support legislation defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman” from the document.

From the people who chose to respond, we are able to endorse the following candidates who we feel will work towards an open, diverse and tolerant party:

Ontario (4 positions to be filled)

Ghina Al-Sewaidi
Cheryl Bannier
Joe Preston
Matthijs Van Gaalen

British Columbia (2 positions to be filled)

Ken Charko
Don Nightingale
Wai Young

Quebec (3 positions to be filled)

Louis-Charles Fortier
Brian Mitchell

Positions in the other provinces and territories have been filled by acclamation.
For more information, contact:

Eric Lorenzen
LGBTory Canada