Patrick Brown in middle of LGBTory executives and supporters.

Patrick Brown in middle of LGBTory executives and supporters.

LGBTory pub night, March 4, 2016, Ottawa.From left to right, Eric Lorenzen, Maxime Bernier, PC, MP, and Todd Langis.

LGBTory pub night, March 4, 2016, Ottawa.From left to right, Eric Lorenzen, Maxime Bernier, PC, MP, and Todd Langis.


Rona Ambrose supports marriage equality

Early this month we received a letter of support from CPC Interim Leader Rona Ambrose, to whom we had written asking for her support for our SSM policy initiative. The full text of her letter is here

Ambrose states:
"I have been unequivocal that the Conservative Party welcomes all conservatives regardless of sexual orientation. If you believe in small government, lower taxes, balanced budgets and individual freedom, there is a home for you in the party … If the resolution makes it to our National Policy Convention floor this May, I will be happy to support it."
Thanks, Rona, for your support.

LGBTory at the CPC National Convention

We are sending a delegation to the Conservative Party of Canada's National Convention in Vancouver May 26-28. This will be the culmination of our efforts to change the CPC's Policy Declaration, which currently states “[the CPC] supports legislation defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman”. We have been working hard over the past six months to lobby for support for removing this language from the party's official policy, and our members and supporters have been successful in having motions to that effect passed at regional policy meetings in Alberta, Quebec and Toronto. We are confident that our initiative will make it to the floor of the convention.

We are currently lining up support from EDAs, MPs and convention delegates. We will need lots of help for the final push; if you are going to be a delegate to the Vancouver convention or are a director of your local EDA, please contact us. If you live in the Vancouver area and would like to volunteer, please let us know. Contact Eric Lorenzen at

It is important that we get our message out to delegates at the convention. Promotional materials, banners, brochures, etc will run up considerable costs. We hope you can help with these expenses – please consider donating. We will be holding a social get-together in Vancouver for LGBTory Canada members and supporters to meet during the convention; stay tuned for details.

Pub Night | Wednesday | April 20

We are pleased to announce an exciting new program for our members and supporters. We are glad to host  Michelle Rempel, Conservative MP for Calgary Nose Hill, as the first in our new series of guest speakers. Michelle was the Minister of State for Western Development  and Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of the Environment in Stephen Harper's cabinet, and is a potential candidate for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada. Michelle will be joining us at the 521 Café and Bar at 521 Danforth Avenue in Toronto on April 20. Please plan to join us - we'll have more details in a later email and on our Twitter/Facebook pages.

Michelle Rempel, MP for Calgary Nose Hill

Michelle Rempel, MP for Calgary Nose Hill

Toronto Pride 2016

We'll be putting in an appearance at Toronto Pride again this summer, repeating our successful 2015 debut. Like we did last year, we'll be staffing a booth during the festival on Pride Weekend July 2-4. We need lots of volunteers to work at our booth – if you can help, contact who's coordinating volunteers for Pride. We'll be marching in the parade on Sunday July 3 – we want an even bigger crowd than last year. Join us and show that being a conservative and a member of the LGBT community is not a contradiction!

If you are planning an appearance in a Pride Festival in your own city and would like to borrow our banners and promotional materials, contact Benjamin Dichter at

Are You A Writer/Blogger?

We have a blog on our website ( called The Symposium. If you write about things of concern to the LGBT conservative community, consider contributing to it. Contact our Director of Communications, Eric Lorenzen, at for information.