The bursary is available to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) post-secondary students who are doing work on behalf of LGBT issues and progressive conservative ideals. These small financial awards are geared to assist the student’s academic fees.

About LGBTory

We are LGBT Conservatives who refuse to endorse wasteful and ineffective government policies. In a free country like Canada, members of the LGBT community have an obligation to speak up and to support a practical and fiscally responsible government. It is perfectly acceptable and consistent with the freedoms and liberties of Canada to be both LGBT and politically conservative.

Criteria for the LGBTory Bursary

Who Is Eligible? Post-secondary students, who self-identify as lesbian, gay, bi or transgender (LGBT), are politically Conservative and can demonstrate issues that relate directly to the LGBT community. You must be a Canadian citizen or resident of Canada, and attending a college, university or other post secondary institution in the country. Tell us about yourself, your political stance, your opinions and your involvement in the LGBT community. Submit a 500 word essay that we can post as a blog on our website. The winner will receive a certificate and a cheque $250.

Guidelines for LGBTory Bursary

All information contained on this application form is confidential and will only be used by members of the LGBTory Board of Directors for the purpose of evaluating individual applicants.

  • Contact information for the applicant, and a 500 word essay must be included and sent to

  • There is a $250 bursary to be awarded for October 1st, 2016.



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