Ontario PCs: “How often can a social conservative say ‘anal sex’ with a straight face?”


Arshy Mann writes at Xtra:

“We all grew up in the Ontario school system and we know what it was like,” Eric Lorenzen, the vice-president of communications for LGBTory, told me the day before the Feb 15 debate. “And no group of students has been more negatively impacted from a lack of healthy sex ed than the LGBT community.”

Lorenzen is dismayed that his party is again capitulating to the likes of Granic Allen and Charles McVety, who has put his support squarely behind Ford.

“I don’t want people like Charles McVety and the Campaign Life Coalition having any influence in the premier’s office,” he said.

And he sees trouble ahead for the PCs if they continue kowtowing to the most regressive elements of their party.

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