‘Sickened by the silence’: Western progressives accused of staying mute about Iran protests


Tristin Hopper writes at the National Post:

As Iranians lose their lives in a wave of unprecedented pro-democracy protests, members of the country’s diaspora are criticizing what they call a “deafening silence” from Western governments and progressive groups who normally tout themselves as champions of equality and human rights.

“I think the issue is one that the left should support; I think it’s in fact tailor-made for leftist support,” said Iranian-born human rights campaigner Kaveh Sharooz, a onetime candidate for the Liberal nomination in Richmond Hill, Ont.

“I don’t expect anything from Russia or China, but I do expect more from European governments,” said Arsham Parsi, director of Iranian Railroad for Queer Refugees, a Canadian charity devoted to LGBT rights in Iran.

Parsi added that he isn’t advocating for Western intervention, merely a strong statement in support of Iranian democracy.

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