Patrick Brown: “I’m not interested in revisiting divisive social issues”


Antonella Artuso writes at the Toronto Sun:

  • Many argue you’re a social conservative with a hidden agenda; social conservatives want to defeat you in the next election. Where are you on the social issues spectrum?

“Who I am is I was proud to be the first PC Leader to lead an official delegation in the Toronto Pride Parade. I’ve been in the last three Toronto Pride parades. I was at the Ottawa Pride Parade. Love is love is love. It’s none of government’s business who you love. I just want people to be happy. And this isn’t new for me. I was the first MP in Barrie’s history to attend a parade flag raising … I start off a lot of my speeches that: ‘It doesn’t matter who you love, where you’re born, what the colour of your skin is, what God you worship, everyone has a home in Ontario.’ I’m not interested in revisiting divisive social issues.”

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