Working Families ad targeting Patrick Brown is just plain wrong – and stupid


Warren Kinsella writes at Loonie Politics:

For Ontario Liberals, the new Working Families ad campaign is going to create even more trouble.  Among other things, it’s stupid.

It’s only 30 seconds long but it packs a lot of BS into that half-minute.

Now, it says, correctly, that Donald Trump’s election has caused “suffering.”  It says, accurately, that Brexit is causing “chaos.”

But then the spot shows an unflattering photo of Ontario PC Leader Patrick Brown, over ominous-sounding music.  It says he’s against marriage equality and increasing the minimum wage and working families.  “Now Patrick Brown promises change,” goes the ad.  You know: Trump-style “change.”

So forget about the fact that Brown has lately marched in innumerable pride parades, now loudly favours gay marriage and wants to see the minimum wage increased.  Forget all that.

The main allegation in the Working Families ad is that Brown is basically the Great White North version of Trump.

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