Ontario Tory leader Patrick Brown: social conservative policies off limits at convention


Allison Jones writes at Global News:

The leader of Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives, a largely unknown politician who polls suggest could be the province’s next premier, says social conservative issues will be off limits at his party’s much anticipated policy convention.

Patrick Brown, who as a former backbench MP in Stephen Harper’s government who voted in favour of reopening the abortion debate, has been busy trying to fend off Liberal attacks that he is a thinly disguised social conservative. But Brown says he is pro-choice and more recently has led Pride parade delegations.

“Any policy that attempts to limit a woman’s right to choose or the ability of same-sex couples to marry are off limits, period,” Brown said in an interview with The Canadian Press.

“I’m not going to say it’s even up for consideration when I personally could not defend that or support it.”

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