Bosnian LGBTs Remain in Closet to Stay Safe


Mladen Lakic writes at Balkan Insight:

“Please, just don’t use word ‘gay’ too loudly here, I don’t want to have any problems,” says Igor, a 30-old-man from Sarajevo while taking a chair in one of Sarajevo’s more popular cafés.

“It is always like this. If you want to stay safe, you need to be careful not to show anything in public that could link you with what you are,” he added, resentfully.

Igor’s life story, which he shared with BIRN, is not that different to that of any other LGBT person in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In this socially conservative society, being gay was a crime until 1998. No public Pride events take place even now due to security concerns.

Several past attempts to organise public LGBT events ended in chaos and violence.

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