Is Patrick Brown the moderate leader Red Tories have been waiting for?


Steve Paikin writes at TVO:

Brown has offered ample evidence that he’s the more moderate, progressive leader Tories tired of losing have been waiting for. He hasn’t shied away from staring down social conservatives, much to the chagrin of a strong, vocal, but ultimately small chunk of the party’s base. He repeats like a mantra his claim that “it doesn’t matter who you love” when championing LGBTQ rights. He’s also tried to bulldoze over the climate change skeptics or tax increase haters in his party, who want him to fight the federal government’s imposition of a carbon tax. Instead, Brown has confirmed he will implement a carbon tax, although insists he’d make it revenue neutral, offsetting it with other tax cuts.

“We may lose dinosaurs over Patrick’s embrace of climate change as real and LGBTQ rights,” says a senior source close to the leader. “But we have opened ourselves up for so many more.”

And yet, I still run into moderate conservatives everywhere in Ontario who just aren’t convinced Brown is the genuine article. They remember his nearly 10 years as a Stephen Harper backbencher in Ottawa, where his voting record was hardly reflective of Red Toryism.

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