Meet the young Australian student behind ‘Muslims for Marriage Equality’


Shannon Power writes at Gay Star News:

Fahad Ali, a 24-year-old university student has been a queer activist for a long time, but now his Muslim faith and queer identity are colliding thanks to Australia’s postal survey on marriage equality.

‘Muslims have a bit of an issue with homosexuality and that’s just the case. But something like this (postal survey) allows us to begin to have the discussion, that’s never happened before,’ Ali told Gay Star News.

‘It’s forced people in the community to talk about and consider their views and to really work out what they really believe.’

To help secure a ‘yes’ vote, Ali started the Muslims for Marriage Equality group. The group has brought together a cross-section of Muslims to advocate for marriage equality. It will also support LGBTI Muslim Australians during the campaign.

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