Ontario intervenes in case of proposed Trinity Western law school’s ban on sexual activities


Sean Fine writes at the Globe and Mail:

The Ontario government is likening a proposed Christian law school’s requirement of no sexual intimacy outside of heterosexual marriage to a bar against Jews that existed in the province’s legal profession nearly 200 years ago.

Ontario says it has insisted that access to the profession be open to all, beginning in 1833, when it abolished a requirement that effectively barred non-Christian lawyers through an insistence on receiving the Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper, a Christian ritual. In 1892, Clara Brett Martin became the province’s first female lawyer, with the support of the Attorney-General.

“Ontarians have a right to expect that they or their children can seek to become lawyers without facing impediments because of their religion, gender or sexual orientation,” the province says in a written filing with the Supreme Court.

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