Neo-Nazis behind anti-marriage equality posters in Australia


Shannon Power writes at Gay Star News:

Over the weekend neo-Nazi organisation called the Australian Traditional Nationalist Group [Austranati] posted 300 anti-marriage equality posters around Brisbane.

The posters call for the protection of ‘traditional marriage’ and that a mother and father’s love is ‘irreplaceable’.

One of the posters is based on Dutch airline KLM’s misjudged ad supporting LGBTI people.

The Austranati’s objective is for ‘the protection of our White identity and the Traditional Western values rooted in Christian and Pagan traditions from Cultural Marxism, Islam, White genocide, international communism and the globalist elite’.

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  1. The “stop the fags” poster was a fake – only one existed which was never found on any physical pole. All that exists is a picture distributed by a pro-SSM leftie . The poster was never found on any physical poles or walls. The Melbourne Council couldn’t find any when they went looking for them, and even the supposed original poster was supposed to have been covered by a pro-SSM poster, but not even that could be found. The lefties “YES” side are desperate to discredit the “NO” side and so any fake news will be jumped on and broadcast as fact, along with feigned horror/ridicule/propaganda/bullying/lies, to make the “NO side look bad….when no such news exists. It is all a manipulative, beat-up by the pro–SSM activists. The “NO” side will easy win the plebiscite when there is so much dishonesty by the “YES” side. Maybe the media shouldn’t be so gullible in the future and instead of “making up the news” they should be “reporting the news”.


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