Trans (and Republican) in the time of Trump


Jordan Evans writes at CommonWealth:

Speaking as one of a growing number of LGBTQ+ activists within the Republican Party, we don’t exist to excuse our own party’s attacks against us. We exist to show how standing for public safety means supporting housing, employment, and public accommodation protections, not policies which put us on the street and deny us access to basic goods and services because of our orientations and identities. We exist to show how personal freedom means the freedom to live your life as you see fit in a way that doesn’t put others at harm. We exist to show how responsible government means defending our rights, not pushing for invasive bathroom bills and efforts to undercut our civil rights protections with the goal of death by a thousand paper cuts.  

At the end of the day, it is still my decision to walk this political path. It’s a decisions A decision that has frequently earned me harsh criticism from my LGBTQ+ family, especially my fellow transgender Americans. The number of state governments introducing bills to diminish the rights of our community easily outnumber the number of transgender Americans in elected policy-making positions nationwide, so their rancor is born from personal experience. Even then, I still firmly believe that reaching the tens of millions of fiscally prudent and socially inclusive Americans across the country who identify with the Republican Party, especially those at home in our great state, is necessary for achieving true equality and freedom – and keeping it.

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