Vancouver PD takes part in Pride Parade after months of controversy


Sonia Aslam writes at News 1130:

Tom Stamatakis, president of the Vancouver Police Union, doesn’t feel this is really an inclusive event, if officers are being treated differently. “I also think it undermines a lot of great work that’s been done over many years, by many people to build stronger relationships between the police, the LGBTQ community and other communities in the City of Vancouver that make up a very diverse, vibrant city. I think we should always try to promote that.”

He adds that regardless of the request, Vancouver Police were always going to be involved in the parade that draws tens of thousands of people to the downtown core.

“Our members will still be there to make sure participants in the parade are safe and the parade can go off without any issues. And that’s the irony of this debate that’s happening more broadly, including across the country. The reality is our police officers are involved in the parade one way or another regardless of what, I would call, a fairly small activist group with a particular agenda has done with respect to the inclusiveness of the parade.”

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