Prejudice aplenty In Calgary Pride Parade’s decision


Chris Nelson writes in the Calgary Herald:

Frankly I’m often quite queasy at the views I held 40 years ago, my only defence being such attitudes were par for the course at that time and place. So why have they changed? Because, while easy to dismiss and decry entire races, religions and people of different sexual desires than ourselves, it’s much harder to denigrate individuals from those same groups when we suddenly meet them in our daily lives. Familiarity doesn’t breed contempt; it brings enlightenment.

Of course such changes do not happen overnight. It begins gradually, yet the more we mix the quicker we change until, surprise, surprise, we discover that actually most people are decent and have many more things in common than we’d ever imagined. We’ve slowly shed the skin. We are, again, naked and human. Oh and to those who think they’re now the very pinnacles of enlightenment? Return in a century and you’ll find your views dismissed as Neanderthal and if you have a statue it might be getting pulled down.

That’s why it’s disheartening to see uniformed city police officers banned from marching in this year’s Pride Parade.

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