LGBTory Canada welcomes Alberta’s United Conservative Party


Toronto, August 2, 2017 – LGBTory Canada congratulates Alberta conservatives for their recent decision to unite the Wildrose Party and the Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta to form the United Conservative Party (UCP).

Alberta conservatives now present a strong and credible voter alternative for Albertans in the next election.  In particular, we welcome recent statements by UCP Interim Leader Nathan Cooper and leadership candidate and former Wildrose Party Leader Brian Jean that the UCP will be a home for all Albertans, including those in the LGBT community, and that the new party is committed to protecting the rights of LGBT people in Alberta.

The conservative movement in Alberta has occasionally seen policy proposals and statements by individual politicians that are troubling to LGBT people, on issues ranging from same-sex marriage to Gay-Straight Alliances in Alberta schools.  We applaud the new UCP leadership for rejecting out-dated ideas and see this as an early indication that the new party will be welcoming to LGBT people.

In the past few weeks, both Cooper and Jean have renounced past out-dated opinions held on LGBT issues.  Cooper states he believes “in an open and inclusive party for all Albertans regardless of their race, their creed, (or) their orientation.”  Jean for his part has said it is time for conservatives to move forward on LGBT issues, and that homophobia has no place in the UCP.  Both Jean and Cooper have said they will march in Calgary’s Pride Parade this September 3rd, and LGBTory commends them for this important symbolic gesture.

We welcome the UCP into the conservative family, and encourage the LGBT community of Alberta to fully exercise the UCP’s offer of inclusion.

For more information contact:  Rick Hall, Vice President, LGBTory, [email protected]



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