The Tory MP who made his peace with Pride Week

Jim Eglinski at a Jasper Pride event, March 2016. (Jasper Pride Festival Society)

Jason Markusoff writes at Maclean’s:

A few years later, the Alberta-bred politician moved back to the province to be closer to his family, and won the perennially Conservative federal seat in a 2014 byelection with 63 per cent of the vote. Another grandson made a different declaration: Papa, I’m gay. “I needed to rethink my thinking,” the elder Eglinski confessed.

Eglinski surprised Jasper Pride organizers by telling this story at his first flag-raising event. “I’m so proud of him for stepping out and admitting that and coming forward,” said Eglinski to heavy applause, according to the Fitzhugh of Jasper. “As times change, and as we see the swing that happens in Canada, we have to open our minds and be cognizant of what’s taking place out there.”

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