News Release: LGBTory Canada Endorses Alex Simakov for PC Candidate in Toronto Centre


July 17 2017

LGBTory Canada is pleased to announce our endorsement of Alex Simakov, who is running for the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario candidate nomination in the riding of Toronto Centre. Mr. Simakov shares our goals of ensuring that members of Canada’s LGBT community have equal rights, including the right to civil marriage for same-sex couples and equal protection under the Criminal Code and the Human Rights Codes of Canada and Ontario. He supports inclusion of LGBT information and issues in the Ontario school curriculum. He believes that the governments of Canada and Ontario have an obligation to speak out for, and protect, vulnerable LGBT populations at home and abroad.

In a statement to LGBTory Canada, Mr. Simakov said, “I believe it is not just politically necessary for conservatives to support LGBT rights, but morally imperative. It is of the highest hypocrisy for some conservatives to argue that we need a smaller state and greater individual freedoms, while simultaneously demanding that the government control our choice of life partners. These anachronistic views are a plague on our electoral prospects, and even worse, an insult to Canada’s proud and vibrant LGBT communities and their allies. I commit myself to supporting the rights of all Canadians to express their sexual orientations and gender identities without harm or discrimination.”

We believe that Mr. Simakov will represent the interests of all his constituents, including those in the LGBT community, and will be a voice for tolerance and diversity both in Toronto Centre and in the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario. We are glad to support his candidacy.


For more information, contact:

Eric Lorenzen
VP – Communications
LGBTory Canada
[email protected]


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