Sue-Ann Levy – “not your typical Tory”


A number of LGBTory Canada members had the great pleasure to attend our friend and supporter Sue-Ann Levy’s book launch in September. Sue-Ann`s recently-published work Underdog – Confessions of a Right-Wing Gay Jewish Muckraker was the subject of her talk, and she treated us to an intriguing look at her life and her journalistic career. Her experience as a conservative lesbian struck a chord with us; we can`t recommend her book highly enough.

Sue-Ann has been a reporter at the Toronto Sun for twenty-six years, during which time she covered City Hall politics and once ran for the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party as its first openly-gay candidate in a by-election in a downtown Toronto riding. She writes candidly, passionately and humourously about Toronto and Ontario politics, and we think her experience as a married right-wing lesbian gives her a unique perspective that resonates with us and deserves to be widely heard.

As she writes in her book, “Who said one cannot be a fiscal conservative or support a right-of-centre political stance and be openly gay? Well, in fact, it’s the narrow of mind, those who should be ashamed of themselves for trying to pigeonhole a group into a singular stereotype.” Speaking as LGBT conservatives ourselves, we whole-heartedly agree.

Sue-Ann is a proud gay conservative, and she advocates strongly for more open, tolerant Conservative party politics in Canada. She writes that Conservative parties have “an uphill battle to dispel the myths that the Lib-left are only too happy to perpetuate – that ‘conservative’ stands for intolerant and homophobic”. She says that “the new breed of conservatives includes openly gay people like me and a cross-section of visible minorities. We represent a diverse, kinder, and gentler face of conservatism, without abandoning our core values and the fiscal positions we have supported from the very beginning.”

Sue-Ann is an important voice in the conservative movement, and she speaks with authority on conservative politics because she has lived it. We are proud to call her our friend and ally.

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