Statement on the Terrorist Attack on the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida


LGBTory Canada joins the world in mourning the loss of forty-nine innocent lives in the assault on Orlando`s Pulse Nightclub on June 12. Words can barely express the sense of horror and loss coming from this horrendous attack on the LGBT community. We stand in solidarity with all civilized people in condemning this brutal act of hatred.

The people brutally murdered in Orlando were not targeted because of any national, political, or ethnic affiliation – they were killed specifically because they belonged to the LGBT community.  In that sense, this act of violence was aimed at LGBT people worldwide, and serves to remind the world of the dangers that LGBT people face everywhere, every day, just for being who they are.

In a larger sense, this attack is a message to freedom-loving societies all over the world. The LGBT community of Orlando was targeted because the fact that in a society of freedom and tolerance LGBT people are able to gather peacefully and openly to enjoy themselves. This same freedom and tolerance is abhorrent to totalitarian regimes who seek to destroy the liberty that we have come to take for granted.

It must also be said that this massacre was motivated by the twisted ideology of jihad and political Islam, which actively seeks the death of LGBT people. LGBT people are persecuted most in areas of the world ruled by fundamentalist Islamic governments, and jihadists seek to establish these regimes worldwide. We must confront this reality head-on, and reject attempts to silence critics of Islamism with accusations of islamophobia.

We hope that governments and policy-makers in western democracies heed the warnings coming from the Orlando killings and confront the clear and present danger facing their LGBT citizens.


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